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Order a USB drive of your data and mail it back to us in 30 days for a refund

Sign in from anywhere in the world to restore one file or all your files.

Ability to restore multiple older versions of a file

Browse your files just like they are organized on your computer and select the files and folders you want.

Automatic or scheduled backup

Have a USB Flash Drive (256GB for $99) or a USB Hard Drive (up to a 8TB for $189) sent to you via FedEx.

Locate a missing or stolen computer

ZigiCloud provides many ways to get your files back whether you lose a single file or millions of files.

Auto threading & throttling or set your own upload limit

Use our mobile app for iOS or Android to browse and download your backed up files.

File sharing via Backblaze B2 - share files you've backed up

High Performance Cloud Storage at ¼ the Price. 10+ years experience. Over an Exabyte stored under management.

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